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• Inspect your vehicles and keep all the necessary documents handy.
• Look after your funds.
• Carry first aid items.
• Make a note of the hospitals and doctors available in the region.
• Carry identification papers, your address and telephone numbers on your person.
• Collect used plastic bottles and other trash and deposit it in the bins provided.
• Check on the tides, timings and strengths, before entering the sea.
• Look after the environment..
• Establish friendly relations with the locals.
• Pay respects to the local customs in temples and other religious places.
• Protect historical heritage.
• Make full use of the natural products availalble.
• Carry Saad Sagarachi booklet with you.
• Do not drive fast
• Do not carry jewels and other costly items with you.
• Do not commit any act which would harm the environment.
• Today plastic bottles and other waste is seen strewn all over. Avoid doing this and tell others not to throw waste indiscriminately.
• Unnecessarily loud conversation and use of horn should be avoided.
• Do not deface old buildings, temples etc by etching your names on the walls.
• Do not behave outlandishly, remember Indian culture.
• Do not undertake climbs or other adventure that is beyond your capability

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